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Customer Testimonials

Riding from Houston , Texas across New Mexico when my buddies back tire on his Triumph Rocket III experienced some road hazard that damaged the back tire . After bunking down in Whites city , NM .. Got up next morning and did inspection on the triumph's back wheel which showed the belts of the tire .. Long story short .... By luck or the grace of god .. Found this service , called Rob advised him of the situation and that we are in Whites city , NM ... 136 miles away , quoted me a fair price and said "let me grab a quick cup of coffee and I'm on my way "...... I can't say enough good things about his service . I hope his company does well and to fellow riders who's traveling West ? Around El Paso ? Keep " Motorcycle Rescue " in mind ........... Jerry Davis ..... Houston , Texas

In all my 6 years of living in El Paso, I have meet very few who know anything of customer service or professionalism, until i met this man...Honest, Helpful, Respectful. By far the best business person I have done business with since I came here.....I highly recommend him and support his business.....Paul T. Mercuri Sr. El Paso Tx.

very happy with the service ! on time, friendly and professional, and affordable ! , you won't be dissapointed !

Jerry Dominguez

I called and was immediately offered help when I had a rear tire go flat. I was nervous as my bike was new with less than 3K miles. This service was professional and fast and Rob had a wealth of experience on everything from insurance options to local shops and dealerships. Very fair price and great service.

                                                                                                                                       Scott J.                                                                                                                                              H-D Limited Rider

Motorcycle Rescue is the best of the best!!!!!!!!

He calls to tell you when he is coming, shows up on time, he is polite, honest, and very careful with the transport of your bike. Very friendly guy who knows how to handle your bike with respect and not one scratch or dent! I would highly recommend him to anyone for motorcycle transportation.

Thanks again Rob you did a wonderful job. Jose Torres El Paso TX.

Rob said it might take him 40 minutes, he was there in 25. His beautiful truck and lift made loading a breeze and I felt completely comfortable with my baby in the back. Never felt the need to check on her back there because Rob drove very cautiously. Nice guy to chat with and his prices are more than fair. Honestly, the chances of me picking his services was just luck as I was surfing the internet to tow my bike to the dealer and I feel very fortunate I did!

Thanks Rob! Scott Thompson. El Paso Texas

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